Your Business Is Your Life is a weekly podcast about the business of your life and the life of your business.

Hosts Rachel Rodgers and Ariane Trelaun are friends, entrepreneurs, mothers and all-around bad asses with big ambitions (and lots of experience). In 2014, they started having weekly Skype mastermind sessions to share the details, challenges, and opportunities they each face while coaching small business owners and growing their own businesses. The sessions were super-productive, inspiring, absolutely hilarious (if they do say so themselves), and full of insight and wisdom that was just too damn good not to share. Thus, Your Business Is Your Life was born.

On Your Business Is Your Life, Rachel and Ariane talk about what’s up for them in parenthood and entrepreneur-hood, with an emphasis on their most important guiding principle: creating a great LIFE. The dialogue is savvy, sassy, inspiring and full of insight (and expletives) that will guide listeners as they navigate the path to creating their own great life with a great business that supports it.

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Rachel Rodgers

Attorney, Business Coach
Founder & CEO of Rodgers Collective



Ariane Trelaun

Numbers Maven, Business Strategist
Founder & CEO of Do Your Thing